We sell several different categories of helmets. We stand by every helmet we sell.

Full Face helmet:

We sell a Full Face helmet. This type of helmet is by far the safest type of helmet you can have. It covers your entire head, except for your eyes. It covers the top, front, and back of your head. It has a bar for your chin. There is a visor to protect your eyes. Within the Full Face helmet category, there are some different styles available. The style you should choose depends on how your ride your motorcycle.
If you ride a sport bike and drive in a hunched over position, you want a helmet that is designed specifically for that type of riding. On these types of helmets, a higher chin bar and an eye shield that is more angled in the direction of the top of the helmet, gives you better protection and visual while driving. This type of helmet has ventilation ducts that are tucked in and is designed so that it does not lift up while driving a fast speeds.



If you ride a cruiser or touring motorcycle and sit in a more upright position, and the best helmet for you has a lower chin bar, a straight eye shield and ventilations ducts in front. The helmets aim to be comfortable and soundproof and often have Bluetooth or MP3 add ons.
One thing to keep in mind about full face helmets is they do not have the best ventilation. When you have the visor down, it is completely sealed, so be sure you select a helmet with great ventilation. Also consider removable padding that is moisture wicking and washable. Another consideration should be your visor. The time of day you drive your motorcycle will dictate the best visor for you. If you drive at all at night, you need a clear visor lens. A black visor lens looks really cool, but it prevents you from seeing at night, or in tunnels. If you only drive during sunny days, then a mirrored or black lens is ideal for you and glare prevention. If you drive in cloudy conditions, you should consider a rose or yellow lens to enhance definition.
We also see helmets with breath boxes, which helps direct your breathing out and away from your visor lens to help prevent fogging. Some of our helmets have a pin lock system, which creates a double paned lens to prevent fogging.


Modular helmets:

We have Modular helmets where you can completely remove the chin bar so it changes from a full face helmet to an open face helmet. On some models, the chin bar flips up on top of the helmet. These types of helmets allow you versatility so you can have a conversation, or even eat a snack without having to completely take off your helmet. You should not ride with the chin bar on top of the helmet because it is not safe. These types of helmets are the second safest helmets you can buy. They are best for casual type riding.



Open face helmets:

We have open face helmets, which are geared for cruise or scooter riding. These helmets are 3/4 of a full face helmet. These look like throwback helmets and motorcycle clubs and gangs like to wear them. They are structurally similar to full face helmets in terms of safety. The shell of both helmets are made of a composite material and impact resistant padding. Despite this, they do offer less protection because they do not have a chin bar or a face shield.
Open face helmets do not have the same ventilation problems and full face helmets. These helmets are completely open allowing the air to flow freely. It also allows dust, dirt, and rain to flow freely, too. It is possible to add a visor that flips down to your helmet. Or you could choose to wear motorcycle googles to protect your eyes.



Half helmets:

We have Half helmets, as well. This is for the minimalist rider, because this helmet only covers your head from the forehead to only half of your head. Harley Davidson riders typically wear this type of helmet. These helmets are often thought as below standard for impact resistance because it does not cover enough of the rider’s head. A common nickname for this type of this helmet is a brain bucket, or brain cup.